Speaking at Countryfile Live!

This year I had the opportunity to speak at Countryfile Live. Sometimes an opportunity comes along and you’ve just got to embrace it…easier said than done!


Most of the week I’d been nervous about speaking on such a prominent stage. The dreaded butterflies were there and so were the thoughts that I’d say the wrong thing, or even go blank and not be able to say anything!


I want to say a big thank you to Jemma and Anna from the Rural Business Awards for this fantastic opportunity to talk all things business with Jules Hudson and for supporting me. The day felt like chatting to someone I’d known for a long time and was mostly about topics that I knew and had opinions on. I had a little talk to myself, along the lines of ‘get on with it’ and it was something that actually, I really enjoyed doing. It has given me a new confidence that I may be able to help other small business start-ups. 


I showcased a small watercolour demo live and found during this it was best to try and forget the location and escape into the work. It felt great to have a wide range of products on show including splashbacks, mugs, bowls, prints, cards and a few gifts from the MGT range.


I’ve had people reach out to me following the interview to say it was informative and helpful – I appreciate these messages so much!