2014 - 2015 

In 2016 Meg Hawkins Illustrations was founded with the idea of creating quirky and fun loving illustrations, from which a series of children books called ‘The adventures of Scratch and Hedgy’ was born. Over 12 months Meg’s books became popular and the demand for grew. Her books are full of morals as the stories of a special friendship between Scratch the dog and Hedgy the hedgehog develop. She produced 12 in the series and then went on to writing and illustrating two more children’s books, ‘Journey to Lost Toy Island’ and ‘Georgia and the Dragon’. 

Meg self-published her books, selling them via Amazon and via audio book as well. Meg had a pop up shop in Ludlow to launch the books as part of the local ‘Fringe Festival’, which then led to them being read in schools and libraries. 

During this period of time, Meg also began a collection of bright abd colourful illustrations, which she took to market stands as prints and cards. 

Throughout this time Meg was still working full time as a professional photographer!

New launches