BBC Radio Shropshire with Clare & Eric
Yesterday I had an email from BBC Radio Shropshire asking if I'd be part of their morning programme called "Make a Difference”. The show looks at bringing positive news to the radio, whether that’s people re-opening their businesses, helping others out or making face masks etc. Presenters Clare and Eric asked me about my business, the move during lockdown, how it’s all been and how it’s been going so far! There has been so much change for us so it was exciting to discuss it all. 
When you're full on heads down and getting on with what you're trying to achieve, you forget what you actually are achieving. Ade and I have worked tirelessly to bring our new shop to Shrewsbury Shopping Centre. Many times we have felt like we are fighting a losing battle, what with the with road works last year, floods this year and now the pandemic. I am so proud of us for persevering and pursuing our dream and maintaining our vision of being forward thinking and believing that this is not the end. As a couple we fight for what we believe is the right way forward, so having recognition of our efforts by being asked how we made the changes through lockdown, gave me time to look at our goals and how far we have come with this brand new shop. 
And now time to focus on what's next...
Just wanted to say thank you for Clare and Eric for taking the time to allow me to plug our new shop and my website.
A real Shropshire interview with sheep noises and everything haha
listen from 2:18.20