10 years at our Rural Studio!

This year our rural studio in Shropshire turns 10! Yes…it’s been 10 whole years since we turned the Old Dairy Parlour into a rustic photo studio. We have created so much in there, adding more and more to its story and bringing it to life once again.


It has a fabulous infinity wall for portraits, commercial images and products, it has seen fashion, fine art and creative shoots. It’s also seen excitement in the form of super bike and Daka Cars shoots.


We explored various avenues of how to best utilise the space, breathing an air of imagination, inspiration and creativity into it.


When we launched the art and design aspect of the business, the studio was of course a key part of this. We developed a beautiful gallery area so we could hold open studios. We added new designs and products to the portfolio of work it has seen and between its walls have been many discussions on new ventures and paths for the business to take.


It has housed 10 years of “what should we do?”, “how will we do this?”, “will this work?” and “what’s next?”. One thing is for sure – our little studio has been a constant throughout our journey. So many exciting times have happened there – wedding shoots, contract signings and family portraits to name a few.


So…to celebrate we are launching a new range of candles (all soy and eco-friendly). These will be named ‘The Studio Collection’ and have been a long time in the making, but of course we want to get them just right – just like the studio they are named after!